Eye Massager iSoothe Wireless Digital Eye Massager with Vibration Heat

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The iSoothe is built to rejuvenate, relax and refresh your eyes within minutes. Built with 42* Heat Compression Technology, Vibration & Pressure motors that emulate a professional therapist’s methods, the iSoothe deeply massages the areas around the eyes and forehead to relieves blockages & improves blood circulation around the eyes. Built with a comfortable & adjustable elastic band, iSoothe is meant to fit a wide variety of face types. It also comes embedded with tiny, high quality speakers that can switch between the 2 embedded ambient tunes or play your own via Bluetooth connectivity. Think of it as a personal spa, for your eyes.


  • iSoothe Wireless Eye Massager offers 5 Different Massage Modes; Automatic Mode, Fresh Mode, Smart Mode, Lenses Mode and Sleep Mode which offers various combinations of Heat, Vibration, Air Pressure and Music. Choose the massage mode depending on your requirement to experience different levels of relaxation. You can easily switch between different massage modes with a touch of a button.
  • iSoothe Eye Massager is specially designed to target and massage specific areas around your eyes and temple area which effectively improves blood circulation and helps in releasing various kinds of stress, eye strain & aches. Note:*in case of eye injury please consult your doctor first.
  • iSoothe Eye Massager is intelligently programmed to offer the best Spa like massage experience at the comfort of your home, office or just about anywhere. It has a 15 minute auto shut down timer and leaves you completely relaxed within minutes.
  • Its 180° Foldable design allows you to fold it and carry it around. The Micro USB Charging Port is neatly embedded within the fold. This keeps the Eye Massager dust-free. Relax your eyes, no matter where you go. iSoothe’s comfortable, adjustable Elastic Headband is made with premium, comfortable materials that’s made to fit a wide variety of head shapes.
  • The minute you put your iSoothe on, you’re transported to a whole new world of relaxation. Watch your sleep cycle improve. iSoothe’s effective & hybrid massaging technique helps improve blood circulation around the eyes, gets rid of tired/ burning or itchy eyes & helps get rid of dark circles & tried looking eyes. This makes iSoothe the best Massager in the market today.


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