OZO Tech Smart Disinfector

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Ozotech Smart Disinfector is a sterilization pod that sanitizes your product, killing germs and bacteria on it in 20 minutes. It also includes a night lamp, mood lights, and a USB 5 Volt charging outlet (that can be seen in computers, power banks) for your mobile/FitBit/gadget.

  • Power Packed Performance : The Ozotech Smart Disinfector includes an in-built ozone generator that uses the principle of high voltage discharge to convert Oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3) gas, which is a very powerful sterilizing agent that is able to destroy germs and viruses that cause air contamination. The ozone concentration is 10 mg/hour, which can sterilize the product in 20 minutes. Comparatively, a bedroom air purifier has 360 mg/hour ozone concentration. The product comes with a USB cable and a manual.
  • Best in Class Design :  The Ozotech Smart Disinfector offers with 360 degree protection. Has Built-in Charger for gadgets. Prevents spread of bacterial infection, skin infection, etc. Charges your gadget while sterilizing it. Best use for a mini Digital Detox. Can be used as a Mood Lamp. Has Touch key to control. Also has Dimming function in white light.

Key features

1) Built-in Charger for Gadgets

2) Mood Lamp Usage

3) Ozone Concentration 10 mg/Hour

4) Sterilize Product in 20 Minutes

Eliminates Bacteria From:

1) All Mobiles

2) Keys

3) Medical tools

4) Smart Cards

5) Wallet

6) Specs

7) Watches

8) Socks

9) Money

Tips to use:

1) Connect to power supply with Usb cable provided.

2) Place your mobile phone / Cash inside the sterilising chamber and close the lid for best effect

3) Press the O3 button to start the sterilising process. A blue light will appear to indicate the process in ON.

4) The process stops automatically within 20 minutes and the light will go off.

5) Press the other two buttons to use it as a night lamp or Mood light with different colors.

6) Switch off O3 process by pressing the button before removing mobile from chamber.

7) Keep away from rain, damp, flamer, high temperature to prevent damage to product.

8) This product is for indoor use only.


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