Wireless Charger with Handset

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Makes conversations radiation-free & charges your phone. Envisioned at Xech HQ’s, the Pulse Wireless Charger With Smart Handset is a hybrid device that can wireless charge all your Qi-Enabled Devices and come with a trendy, comfortable Smart Handset, that connects to your phone VIA Bluetooth for a comfortable Phone Conversation experience. What's more The device eliminates any radiation as your phone is away from you & even doubles up as trendy little selfie remote. Perfect for the desk & home or the office.


  • Radiation-Reduction Device: You have those long conversations. It protects you from Radiation.the Pulse Wireless Charger With Smart Headset, you don't have to worry about Radiation. While your phone wirelessly charges you can have those comfortable long conversations over the premium-feel Smart Headset via Bluetooth connectivity in High Quality.
  • Automatic Detection System: Effortlessly switches between iOS & Android.Designed with Automatic Detection System, the Pulse Wireless Charges conveniently switches the Voltage depending on the requirement. iOS (7.5w) & Android (10w). So if you have two devices, you don’t have to worry about a thing.This even prevents Short Circuit & Device Damage.
  • Selfie Remote: Makes taking selfies, easier than ever.The Smart Handset of the Pulse Wireless Charger doubles up as a trendy little Selfie Remote. Forget the inconvenient Self Timer, now get the perfect angle for that perfect shot, even while you’re having those long conversations.
  • Connected Assistance:Say hello to Google Assistant or Siri while you’re having a chat.With the touch of a single button,you can activate Google Assistant or Siri through your connected Mobile Device. Need to take an important reminder, while you’re on a work call? Let the Smart Handset of the Pulse Wireless Charge do the job for you.


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